October 2022

  • Gave two talks:  Deep Active Inference (CoCoSci group at MIT) and Threat-related learning in anxious subjects (Liz Phelps group at Harvard)
  • Awarded WiML NeurIPs 2022 corporate travel grant to attend NeurIPs. Woo, looking forward to meeting old and new friends in New Orleans!
  • Back at UCL - grateful for the opportunity to visit Sam's lab! 

September 2022

  • Gave two talks: Generatives models with structured priors (Gershmn Lab at Harvard) and Learning Agent Preferences (Gu lab at Mt. Sinai). Finally, got to visit New York!! 
  • Hosted an internal Deep Active inference symposium with Lancelot Da Costa! 

August 2022

  • Presented our new work 'Modelling non-reinforced preferences using selective attention at COLLAs [ paper ]. This work extends our previous work on preference learning using Hebbian learning rules. Plus side: got to see Montreal; a truly wonderful experience.

July 2022

  • Started my visit to the Gershman lab in Cambridge (nope, not the English one!) 
  • Organised WiML un-workshop at ICML 2022 in Baltimore! 
  • Attended the MMCN2022 summer school in Norway - one of the best experiences of the PhD! Thank you to the amazing organisers. 

June 2022

  • Organised Temporal Representation in Reinforcement Learning [TRiRL] workshop at RLDM 2022
  • Finished my internship at Huawei! Thank you to my amazing host - Zafeirios Fountas! Looking forward to sharing our project soon.

May 2022

  • Gave a (job) talk to Peter Dayan's group in Tubingen! Amazing experience and looking forward to the next adventure! 

April 2022

  • New paper 'Bayesian Brains and the Renyi Divergence' in Neural Computations [ paper ][ tweet ][ code ]  

March 2022

  • Our paper How Active Inference Could Help Revolutionise Robotics featured in Entropy March issue [ paper ]
  • 2 preprints on Degeneracy in the neurological model of auditory speech repetition [ preprint ] and Reclaiming salience: rhythmic precision-modulated action and perception [ preprint ]. Thank you to my amazing collaborators! 🤩
  • Our Temporal Representation in Reinforcement Learning [TRiRL] workshop proposal was accepted for RLDM 2022! Excited to organise this with Zafeirios Fountas, Alexey Zakharov, and Warrick Roseboom.

February 2022

  • Thrilled to be awarded G-Research's research grant to support my research visit to Gershman lab later this year! 🤩
  • Gave a talk on Active inference, state preference learning and adaptive behaviour at the Free Energy Principle Conference. Thank you to Inês Hipólito for inviting me!
  • Gave a talk on Degeneracy in the neurological model of auditory speech repetition at the ALBA lab University of California San Francisco. Thank you to Andrea Gajardo-Vidal for inviting me!

January 2022

  • 2 preprints on The free energy principle made simpler but not too simple [ preprint ] and A mixed generative model of auditory word repetition [ preprint ]. Thank you to my amazing collaborators! 🤩
  • Started as a Research intern at Huawei Technologies with Zafeirios Fountas

December 2021

  • Presented our up-coming work on A new perspective on the neurological model for aud itory repetition [ Poster]  at the  Modelling the brain winter school in Erice!

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

  • New preprint: Active Inference for Stochastic Control [ Preprint led by Aswin Paul. He will be presentingg this @ IWAI 2021
  • Presented our work on Rényi Divergences at the Nested Minds journal group [ slides ]

August 2021

  • Presented at the Data Science Forum at Zebra Technologies 🦓 [ slides ]

July 2021

June 2021

May 2021

  • Our paper 'Cancer Niches and their Kikuchi Free Energy'  accepted in Entropy [ paper ]

April 2021

March 2021

January 2021


December 2020

November 2020

October 2020 2 papers accepted:🔥

September 2020

August 2020

May 2020

February 2020

  • Invited talk at HSE University, Moscow

May 2019

  • Best poster award at Queen Square Symposium [ poster ]

April 2019

  • Started the PhD with Prof. Karl Friston

March 2019

  • Oral Presentation at Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference [ slides ]

January 2019

  • Started MRC-PhD rotation project with Dr. Thomas Hope, Prof. Cathy Price and Prof. David Atkinson on language recovery in stroke patients

December 2018

September 2018