PhD Researcher @ University College London

I am a neuroscience PhD researcher at the Wellcome Centre for Human NeuroimagingUniversity College London with Prof. Karl Friston. Previously, I received my Masters from the London School of Economics, with a particular focus on latent variable modelling, and Bachelors from  University of Warwick

I am grateful to the Medical Research Council and 2021 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship for supporting my current research.​ 

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My long-term goal is to design personalised interventions that can support functional recovery after brain damage e.g., stroke, traumatic brain injury. In service of this agenda, my research focuses on understanding adaptive behaviour for life-long biological learning in health and disease. Specifically, I research which (Bayesian) computations are necessary for building flexible (generative) models that support the continual acquisition and protection of knowledge (even when the embodied world changes) [Fountas, Sajid, et al, NeurIPs, 2020; Sajid, Ball, et al, Neural Computation, 2021;  Sajid, Tigas, et al, ICML URL, 2021]; and how these generative models may adapt, adjust and (re-)learn after internal perturbations i.e., computational lesions [Sajid, Parr, et al, Brain Communications, 2021Sajid, Holmes, et al, Scientific Reports, 2021; Sajid, Parr, et al, Cerebral Cortex, 2020]. 

To investigate this, I work with human and in-silico models - using neuroimaging experiments (of language paradigms i.e., word repetition) and behavioural data collected from simulations (of sequential decision making models i.e., partially observable Markov decision processes). Please find below recent projects:

Exploration and preference satisfaction trade-off
in reward-free learning

Noor Sajid, Panagiotis Tigas Alexey ZakharovZafeirios FountasKarl Friston
URL Workshop ICML., 2021 
arXiv / slides / page / poster

Bayesian brains and the Rényi Divergence

Noor Sajid*, Francesco Faccio* Lancelot Da CostaThomas ParrJurgen SchmidhuberKarl Friston
Neural Computations., 2022. 
 paper / poster / slides / code

Degeneracy in the neurological model of auditory speech repetition

Noor Sajid, Andrea Gajardo-VidalJustyna EkertDiego Lorca-PulsPloras TeamThomas HopeDavid GreenKarl FristonCathy Price
Preprint., 2022.  
arXiv / talk